Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spiritually Aware Pregnancy

This journey of mine, this trip of parenting from source, as a writer and as a coach, started with one book.
 One manuscript, written in the quiet of the night, which I wrote while exploring the spiritual rush I’d felt connecting to my son through pregnancy. While I’d been pregnant with my daughters, I’d scanned the bookshelves of every bookstore (funny to think how little I used the internet 14 years ago), I researched mystical pregnancies and spiritual connection, but it seemed like the more I looked, the more I couldn’t find what I was searching for. So, when I finally tapped in and found my connection again, I wrote the book I couldn’t find.
Pregnancy for me is a re-birth. It’s this magical time when we are two. When our body is the encasement of 2 spirits... 2 souls call our body home. We take for granted the magic that takes place in every moment, but it happens nonetheless. We even grow a new organ to support new life.
A spiritual being chose us to be their launching place, to be their foundation for how their life begins and then what they observe from us, even before birth, becomes the framework for their perspective, which they can later take on or cast away.
And then there’s us. We’re given 9 months to walk through a doorway, the doorway between the pre-parent, who’s focus is solely on our own space, reactions, feelings, and personal experience, and then into parenting, when suddenly, things simply look different.
It’s an expansive journey. Just like the contractions of labor you can almost feel your life stretching out, widening your perspective. Pregnancy is a time of inner and outer work and society has a tendency to limit it to a physical experience... but it’s so much more. It’s a time to dive deep. A time to learn about ourselves and who we want to be. It’s a time to learn how to hear our authentic voice, to tap into a deep spiritual connection, and to fill our spiritual tool box in preparation for every late night feeding and toddler tantrum.
Just as eating the right diet can prepare our body for birth and can set our child up with the best start to life, in my mind, taking the time in pregnancy to learn spiritual awareness, to develop new perspectives and to have insight on where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and where you are heading, taking that time, creates the most powerful platform for our children’s lives.
So, what does a spiritually aware pregnancy look like? Oh, far too magical and wide spread for one blogpost, but it creates a time for the following:
1)      Getting to know your authentic voice, finding your connection point so you’ll know your instincts when they kick in and trust them.
2)      Seeing the world through the eyes of your baby, even before she is earthside, getting to know her on that deeper spiritual level, so even when she’s 16 you can look at her and recognize the same essence.
3)      Having the time to build up a meditational inner room for yourself, a place where you can retreat and find your centre, in the craziest of chaos.
4)      A time to shift from a fear perspective to one of love and trust. A time to know that all things come when ready and to trust the processes of life.
5)      A time to co-create together, you and your baby, offering a foundational worldview of love and security... one of continual exploration and growth.
6)      A time to create a habit of positive and creative thought, facilitating the law of attraction to create a better pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.
A spiritually aware pregnancy creates a perspective where you and your child embark on a journey together. It’s no longer a question of you finding yourself suddenly with a baby in your arms after some strange physical and medical experience. Rather, you embrace your new, spiritual companion, even at the size of a grain of rice, as someone to open your eyes to new possibilities and perspectives, aware of life from a different vantage point.
So, why am I suddenly talking about pregnancy?
Well, mostly because I was invited to be part of this video series through the Baby Maven and it started this week. You have about 10 days left to sign up, and honestly it’s an incredible resource: 15 video interviews with various pregnancy and baby experts, offering fantastic advice.  It was a joy to start talking with Hannah Poles, who hosts the event, and I got to thinking...
Pregnancy is where this all started.
I love my work with every core of my being. I love chatting with everyone and finding inspiring solutions, better feeling spaces, and shifted perspectives over all things parenting. I love hearing about how people’s lives are better, families are happier and children and parents alike are feeling empowered. I approach my work in awe each day, seeing how it is unfolding.
 But I sure hope pregnant and new parents know that there’s a massive space for them over here too.
For no matter where we are on this journey, it’s all about remembering that we are positive, spiritual beings, having a physical experience. We are all growing, learning and reaching for better feeling spaces.
And sometimes, when life gets hairy, it’s easy to forget that we can log off and tune in to a spiritual frequency, where we have unlimited re-sources. But, that’s just the way it is.

To sign up for the Baby Maven’s video series please visit here

To check out more about Spiritually Aware Pregnancy coaching and programs visit here
Oh and if you want to check out that book I wrote... way back in the beginning... its called Who They Really Are and you can find it here (find a 25% discount over on the Facebook page) or on Amazon

Friday, January 29, 2016

What sign are you holding up? The Law of Attraction and how it works.

I keep talking about the law of attraction lately, which suggests it’s time to write about it.
After all, it’s something I work with continually and offer clarity on with all my clients and in my workshops and groups. It can spark a pretty positive shift when the power of the universe is suddenly working with you and how you feel.
Wayne Dyer said it so beautifully when he stated that “The Law of attraction isn’t about what you want, it’s about Who You Are!”
But what does that mean exactly and if “who we are” is a parent?
Who we are....
Remember, we are energy beings. We have a current of energy ever flowing, call it life, love, source, spirit or just... plain old energy... that’s what we are. But what we also know is that our focus, our feeling space radiates through that energy. The frequency of that energy shifts on how we feel, and what we put focus on.
So... imagine that with that focus, that energy emitting off of you, it’s like a blazing sign being held up to Source, like a bat signal of spirit, and it says “More of this please.”
That means, if you are frustrated for anything more than a few moments, then the frustration sign gets held up, asking for more frustration. The universe answers and gives you more to feel frustrated about.
But... the same goes with joy, appreciation, happiness. When we shift focus to things that FEEL better, than we hold up that sign and allow more of life to flow in that vibration.
So, consider, for a moment, life being really “hard”, everything is going wrong and falling apart. You are never on time, you are always out of money and the house is a mess. Everyone is sick and you just can’t get done what needs to be done. Life has snowballed out of control... and the more that’s the story, the more it really is the story.
It can be turned around in with gradual shifting to telling a different story.. simply by finding the things that feel better.
From stroking your beautiful pet, to admiring a sunrise, to enjoying a meal (or starbucks) or even just making lists of things you appreciate, slowly you turn the wheel of your focus to a place where you feel relief and in that... you find your essence of who you are. Literally, completely focusing on the good stuff and simply observing the negative stuff, turns to dial. That feeling gets held up on that sign to the universe and then, more life supports that feeling space.
So, what role does the law of attraction play into parenting? Oh boy, a really big one!
Each time we focus on our children’s negative behavior, the more it flows in.
Each time we focus on a dirty house, the more it keeps dirty.
Each time we focus on how there’s not enough time, that we have to do too much alone, that no one listens, that we don’t know what to do... Sign is up, sign is up, sign is up.
Each time we focus on our children’s playful laughter.
Each time we hold them that little longer, appreciating them with our whole hearts.
Each time we stop focusing on being late and enjoy the puttering meanderings... suddenly we get there on time, or everyone else was late too.
Each time we say it’s ok if bedtime goes a little later for that extra story, a child asks to go to bed earlier (it can happen.)
Each time we focus on enjoying our children, we see more opportunities to play, interact and laugh with them, we find new experiences, notice how they’ve grown, and truly connect with them as our authentic selves.
And then, as we shift, our children learn about this tangible focus machine that they are, and start to use it for good. Suddenly, whining seems futile as you just get more to whine about, and appreciating seems to be smart. Suddenly letting life flow in, rather than demanding it gets pushed through, seems more natural. Which of course it is.
Life’s never a complicated as we like to make out it is and you know what, even when we have bad times, when we snowball and spiral, is all good. Because when we snowball it’s just us feeling the way we DON’T want to feel in order to feel the bliss of when we shift it. We didn’t come to be perfectly aligned all the time, then we wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t know difference,
we would be like a candle in the sun. Sometimes you can only shine bright, when you are in the muddle of darkness for a bit.
And then, you see a sunrise.
Life is good, we came to enjoy it and ride it and play. When we know that we can feel good to our core and then it all clicks into place it offers us a practical tool to make better days.. it snowballs.
So, the only question we ever need to ask when things go screwy is “what sign am I holding up?”

And then shift accordingly.
Click on this link to view a great mantra for a focus shift.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Setting New Year Intentions- A process of creation

I love New Years. It’s a time to re-focus, review and reset intentions for a new time. I look at the past year, acknowledge what went well, and what didn’t, and reset my sails accordingly.
It’s easy to fall into the trap of spinning my wheels in the same rut if I don’t stop and look at intention, and where I want to turn my attention.
Intention- just as the title of my book release this year- Intentions for the Spiritually Aware Parent. Intention has been a strong theme of 2015.
 Life is a pressure pot of power and when we have a simple vision, even waking up and setting the intention to be more present in our moment, with a little focus we can reap a million fold. It’s an incredible experience to hold an intention for a moment, let it slip out to the universe and then watch it unfold before you.
I got a theme for my intention of 2016, and I’m taking it from the Queen’s Christmas message... although the quote is supposedly an Ancient Chinese proverb, but I hadn’t heard it until this Christmas day.

“It is Better to Light a Single Candle, Than Curse the Darkness.”

I come from a family of gossipers. We’re a big family of a lot of women and we get around and talk... a lot. Often the conversations growing up were about other people, or complaining about situations, or at least just observing what was in our situation. Over time I’ve learnt about intention and about how our perspective can illuminate what once could feel dark. It is sometimes only about telling a different, deeper story and shifting focus in a direction that feels better, to change the course of a conversation or a day.
Ok, curse the darkness might be a little strong... but it is actually apt. For when we observe what we don’t like and hold it in our thoughts... things get dark and all we do is make it more intense with our focus.
Therefore, I would like to invite you to create a New Year Intention this year, rather than a resolution. Rather than focusing on what is wrong and planning on changing it, consider focusing on a feeling that feels wonderful and letting it resonate and radiate through you. The more we put focus on something the more it appears. Let’s put focus on light and love.
But how do you find that pure intention? That one you really mean?

I invented a little exercise which has brought a lot of clarity for me and I hope my girls will try their own take on it.
 I call it the New Years Tree.
The tree represents the Year... and starts with a seed.
The seed is your intention. Your focus. A small intended shift that has big impact.
For instance, if you can tell in the photo, my seed is to have more self discipline (which is defined by more scheduled days and focus.)
From that seed, roots will sprout.
The Roots are the spiritual grounding effect the seed will bring when active.
For me, things like clarity, security and freedom will come from my seed of self discipline.
(Therefore, they aren’t a goal, they are a result.)
Next is the trunk... the process or path the year will take.
A path of mindfulness and awareness comes from self discipline.
And from that, the fruit.
From that route, I will grow further co-creation and interaction with my readers and clients, I will have more play with my family, more adventure, more fun. I will have more experience and expansion.
But those things don’t have to be on the list of my Intention as they are results of the intention ,or the seed, planted in the year.

It’s a playful, yet insightful exercise and one that can set a clearer intention for the new year.
 We’ve done other exercises, my daughters’ and I;
 we’ve written intentions down and thrown them in the fireplace to send them to the universe. 
We’ve done inspiration boards, visualizing what we intend. 
We’ve had lit candles, blowing out the old year and giving light to the new.
And, since I was a teen, I’ve written a year in review and the year in preview in a journal.
It’s an exciting time of re-birth and rejuvenation that I hope lights you up from the inside.

In case you are wondering, I have great plans and news coming over the coming months of 2016.
 I am honored to have you on this journey with me. If you want any help setting up your New Years Tree, don’t hesitate to contact me. We are all in this together and together...
We can light a lot of candles.
Happy New Year everyone.

Shine on!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hands Are For Holding

My son has never been spanked.
But I can’t say that about my girls. When they were younger... I thought I had to be the one in
control. I thought that was just how it was done.
I just didn’t know there was another way. But my girls soon taught me there was a much better way.

When I realized I was teaching them to hit through my hitting life flooded through the window and lit up my soul. My girls and I started on the most exciting journey of compassion, understanding and love and it paved the way for exciting pre-teen years, where we stand together, not against each other.

But still, so many parents think that spanking is the way to get “results”. Still, today, parents are often taught that they need to control their children rather than understand them. They feel judged as people by how their children behave and punishing them by hitting and spanking is a way to find that control again... and for some reason society seems to think that’s ok, even if an adult did this to another adult the police would be called.

So, this season, I want to help an organization that I’ve wanted to help for a long time, and I’m asking for your help to do it too.

(So, here’s my sudden inspired idea) Until Christmas, I’m changing the price of my audio course to $10.00 and proceeds will be going to this organization to support them this season.
I looked around. I was going to offer the money to support someone over Christmas, but then I thought what better present to children than to offer their parents positive parenting tools! Its food for thought. offers tools, perspective shifts, and support to stop the spanking cycle as well as education on the long term effects spanking has on our children and helping parents learn there’s another way. For those of you who know the wonderful work of Parenting beyond Punishment, you may of heard of the non-profit organization. However as a Non-profit they need as much help they can get to share their tools and information and help parents who are falling into the cycle of anger and spanking without knowing they can turn it all around.

SO to recap.
The Audio Course Taking the Stress Out of The Holidays is now $10.00 with proceeds going to the also known as Hands Are For Holding. 
You can grab the course here no discount code, no anything. Spread the word and let’s get as much support as possible to this great cause.
And, if by any chance, you still haven’t been able to stop yourself from raising your hand to your child, feel free to contact me or this organization. No questions, no cost, I've been there, I get it. Let’s  bridge the gap between you and your child.
Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

5 Tips to Feel Better Around Family Over the Holidays

It’s twelve days before Christmas and already I can feel the tension building...

Hmmm... come to think of it my shopping list is way behind... oh well. I have some general ideas brewing. I’m sure they will unfold beautifully.

Yes. That’s my approach to everything lately:  I look forward to the unfolding.

But as someone who has her three kids, spouse and dog staying in a large home with my sister and her family, other people’s approaches, traditions and functioning is foremost on my mind.
It’s a holiday tradition in itself isn’t? The feeling of uncertainty regarding family, friends and the melting pot that often turns into a pressure pot over the holiday festivities. It could almost be funny if it wasn’t so painful sometimes, as we all get that sense of dread, wondering will it all be ok.
So, I’m compiling a quick list of how to survive a family holiday gathering... a Coles notes as it were... a cheat sheet on how to keep the love flowing and everything unfolding beautifully.

1)      Find your inner connection... and be able to do it quickly.
When do you feel the best? What thoughts make you settle into a space that rings out as YOU. Within us is a space, an inner room, that we let go of everything that bothers us, stresses us and makes us feel awkward, insecure or worried. Rather we sit back in the gentle space of Who We Really Are. But often these times are fleeting, and when we find them we appreciate them, but we don’t know how we got there. When do you feel most like yourself? What thought creates that space for you?
We can all find shortcuts that trigger a feeling space of Who We Really Are, it just takes a bit of focus and good habits. Often, if we have a crystal, a piece of jewelry, a symbol or trigger point, that reminds us that of Who We Really Are and how we want to be Spiritually Aware each moment. With that simple reminder, we can jump from the reactionary space amongst our family into a grounded space, an observatory perspective, which allows us to see the situation as the whole, not as the chaos. From this space, life flows, new solutions are found and things fall into place.

2)      Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys.
One of my new favorite sayings, it really is all about what’s your business and what’s not. As family we’re usually the first to jump to a sibling’s defense (even if we haven’t a clue what they’ve been up to all year) or the first to make some little joke or comment to fill the social silence gap. But Not my Circus means- my life My monkeys means- the components of that life.
If your uncle Dave is talking about how your Aunt Sue drives him crazy and spends too much... you don’t have to take sides. Change the topic. Stay in your own circus If its anything like mine, it’s enough to handle. When we let go of other people’s business we not only shift priority to our own lives (and usually our children) we also empower people to focus on their own monkeys. This can go as far as telling yourself not to even TALK about OTHER PEOPLE! No gossip and suddenly you open yourself up to a world of better feelings and wider conversations. And it can start with just you. Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys is about empowerment for everyone, and it can start with you.

3)      Find The Third Choice.
Sleeping arrangements being argued over... be Switzerland... and rather than getting attached to one side of the argument open yourself up to another solution, be the space finder. This is done only through taking a step away from the situation, remembering that time is illusionary and nothing needs to be rushed. Sometimes we all get so caught up to make a point it seems like whoever speaks the loudest and fastest wins. Breathe, take a step away, find some quiet, offer the problem up and ask for a solution. You might find that while everyone else was spinning around, life unfolded in your space and ideas flowed in. Everyone else will have wasted their breath and emotional focus, and you simply let it be and evolve.

4)      Each for Each.
Diversity is a gift. When we allow others to think differently, believe differently, live differently, we create a space where we get to do the same thing. Also, the law of attraction kicks in as well. We truly do get what we give. The Golden Rule, of Treating People The Way We WANT to be Treated, does literally work. When we acknowledge that another person’s way isn’t Our Way, but ok for them, we send out the feeling space of love, understanding, compassion and acceptance. By living in that space, we radiate that energy out, and create more of the same. We always get what we put out.
Therefore the old saying of Each for Each is What I Teach, isn’t just for children in a nursery rhyme, rather it’s a quick reminder that “seclusion isn’t inclusion it’s the stretching of the void.” Judgement and criticism can never create peace, especially within ourselves.

5)      The Magic is in The Moment
Our children are so good at knowing and living in the pursuit of feeling good. They know that if it feels Off, it’s Off. We spend the rest of their childhood trying to convince them they have it wrong... when really they’ve got it right. By following how something feels we live in awareness of each moment. It doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t do what we need to do, but we take a step aside to focus differently, place ourselves in our inner room, or wait a bit before jumping in.
 Our children do this by living in their moment and it is a child’s Moment that matters. It is the little cuddles Christmas Eve that feel the warmest, rather than the big dinner. It’s the icing cookies, or watching candles flicker that create the best memories.
Most of the stress we create perpetuates around the big deals we feel we need to create for our children and family, finding that perfect gift, creating that perfect memory, when by letting life unfold, and enjoying the little moments, we create bigger moments full of magic... naturally. Also, when we other family members, when we are taking care of the moment, focusing on the little joys with our children, we create a bubble around us and our  kids. We share looks, laughs and exchanges, we connect with them, rather than being distracted by the bigger picture. Life flows.

There they are. 5 quick tips to a Happy Family Holiday Experience. 
With them, I would like to extend this invitation: Create a New Experience This Year.
So often each holiday get together is exactly the same, even down to the trimmings. If we don’t get along with Grandma and she makes us feel the same now as she did when we were ten, there’s a bit of a reason. We always get the energy we expect, as, when we remember an experience, we create that space and emit it. Then we get it back again. Law of Attraction Strikes.(if you want more detail on how to alter your attraction point for the holidays, I cover it fully on my audio course.) Therefore, set a different stage. Invite a different experience in. Focus on the positive aspects, change the feeling and expectation, shake it up.. and see what happens.
Here’s to Happy thoughts, dreams, and focuses and may they create a beautiful New Year!

Check out Christina’s Audio Course- Taking the Stress out of the Holidays and take part in the 75% discount using the code holidayspirit to get it for $19 in time for the holiday rush.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Well, it’s been a busy year for me and there’s something about December that always makes me feel like I need to wrap up a year well; like a present.
So, I made myself one.
I’d promised myself that this year I was going to make my first course. It started off as going to be a course for the online platform Udemy, but then I decided, what with some travel happening and new plans, that a simple audio course would be easier and would flow more.
 People were starting to talk about Holiday stress and how they didn’t feel comfortable around family and friends, how they didn’t feel the holidays reflected their true selves, and Ta Da! The course topic was found.

Writing it in the back of our car during our inspired roadtrip to Winnipeg MB, and then recording it once we found the suitable studio when we got into town, its been a whirlwind experiment, but one I’m proud of.

The course is broken up in 3 sections.
You. Other People. And your Children. And how those three elements can be stressed focused during the Holiday Season.

The Course then offers tips and tools, meditations, processes and exercises to tap into your higher self, and trust your inner wisdom. It offers dig deep exercises that help you discover how you REALLY feel about stuff, and then helps you pivot around those “niggly” people that make you feel crappy, even though you haven’t done anything wrong. Actually the entire middle section is dedicated to finding your centre at family dinners or work events. And then there’s the section on Your Children, how to help them connect and stay true to themselves, how to hear them, under the hysteria, how to enjoy the magic moments and see it through their eyes, rather than rushing through for the something bigger.

Throughout there’s reset buttons and tools for The Law of Attraction, as well as meditations and energy work.

It’s a pretty full Holiday Toolbox. With a workbook included.

But it was only finished, what with one thing and another, the first week of December.
That could be a little crazy... or silly... for a course about the holidays.
But I do tell everyone to just trust.... go with the flow... follow the downstream option which carries you to how it’s all meant to be.

So, the course, that is usually set at $77 for the rest of the year, has a bit of a twist.
Sign up for the newsletter to the side of this post, and you get a code  for 75% off.

Which makes it $19.25

I love seeing how things turn out don’t you? And I love having everyone on my FB page and newsletter involved and the Spiritually Aware Parenting community able to grow together.

So, I hope you check this new venture of mine out.
The purpose is to create a holiday season which will be filled with joyful, awe-inspiring, moments (like the ones you used to have as a kid) and to use that as an attraction point for a brilliant new year. Its meant for you... and I’m so happy to be able to offer it to you this month for under $20!

Anyway, let me know what you think of it... I’ll be working on another course soon and could do with any feedback.
You can find it at

(either in the sidebar beside this post or at )

And as you never know how life will flow.... just in case.
Happy, Stress Free, Holidays. Relax, breathe, let go and love! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

What my son learnt about Universal Powers with a pack of crayons

Don’t you love a good example of universal powers at work?

I think I’ll start calling those moments the power of crayons, when talking about it with our boy, that is..
You’ll understand in a moment.
So, yesterday, we were coloring together. Its become our new favorite activity and we often do it as a wind down to the day.
Well our boy-o has been using the Crazy Art crayons we bought in bulk at Walmart in August. I think we bought about 50 packs when they were 5 cents each as a Back to School Sale.

As a homeschooling Mom, I LOVE back to school sales. But I digress.

So, our boy was coloring, but then he found a crayola crayon from awhile back.
 He decided, crayola crayons were by far superior and from now on, that’s what he wanted to use
So, yesterday he started hunting. He found this brown crayon, which, so the story goes, far surpassed the generic brand of crayon. He took care of it so well. He thought he lost it and then, out of the blue he found two more in his art box.
Impossible, he declared. He then decided he had magic hands.
I agreed.
“Right,” He said, putting it to the test. “I want a Black Crayola crayon next. God,” he declared “I want to find a black crayon tomorrow.”
And he let it go.
Today, he was coloring. He said he wondered about the black crayon, but decided to wait and see. Instead he went to the drawer where we keep the generic brand crayons and decided to count how many boxes were left.
A few minutes later, he comes into the kitchen with wonder in his face.
“Mom!” He cries. “I am magic. I didn’t find a black crayon, I found a WHOLE BOX of crayola crayons!”
I couldn’t believe it. Neither could he.
But then I told him. That’s how the universe works.
We ask, and then have faith. And then it delivers in better ways then we could ever expect or imagine.
We are all magic, and life is too. Life is a web of magical golden threads ready to put everything together in perfect balance and accord.

We just forget to keep coloring, and to just trust the crayons are only a box away.